Fund wallet

After creating our TzSafe wallet, we may be eager to transfer our assets into it to bring it to life. The Fund wallet feature provides us with a simple and convenient way to use our logined Tezos account for funding the wallet.

To fund our TzSafe wallet, we can follow these steps:

  1. Click on Fund Wallet to access the funding page.
  2. Enter the desired amount of XTZ or add FA1.2 and FA2 tokens by selecting Add Token.
  3. Once the amount or tokens have been specified, click on Fund to initiate the transfer to our TzSafe wallet.

We should see the newly updated balance in XTZ of the wallet on the sidebar.

For FA1.2 or FA2 tokens, when initiating new proposals, we will have visibility of them, giving us the ability to include them in the proposal.

Notice that if there are multiple imported wallets, we will need to double-check which wallet we’re currently funding. Once we transfer out the XTZ, it will never come back.