The settings are divided into two categories.

Changes require proposing a proposal

The change involves contracts, so we will need to create a proposal and go through gathering approvals and rejects process to alter, such as threshold, owners, and proposal duration. The created proposals will present on the proposals page.

We can add owners by clicking Add Owner ; and remove by Remove. When adding new owners, we can also provide aliases. We can also like to modify the Threshold as well as the Proposal duration. Finally, we have the option to delegate our wallet by adding a baker in Delegate wallet.

After we are satisfied with the changes, please double-check all the settings, especially check if we just unexpectedly remove ourselves from owners. Finally, click Save and then all changes will be in the newly created proposal.

Change Without proposal

Currently, there is only one change that needs no proposal. That is to remove an imported wallet from the sidebar. The data of the imported wallet is only stored locally. Thus, it’s merely deleting data from our local. The wallet will still remain on-chain.

If we don’t want the wallet present on the sidebar anymore, click the Deleting wallet button in the top right corner of the setting page. After clicking, we will see the button showing deleting. Please wait for a few seconds to fully delete the wallet. If we accidentally delete the wallet, don’t worry. We can import it back by Import wallet.